Certified Master Quality Manager (MQM) Training

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This is an executive program exploring the world of quality management . The program is designed to facilitate a framework for providing management counsel to clients, institutions in the public and private sector. Candidates will incorporate the informational fabric from the core curriculum and become open to examples of comprehension in their technical expertise and experience in global consulting roles to organizations. The modules are created to show candidates the key topics of the profession and to discussed, analyzed and understood. Candidates will also be expected to work break out groups and teams to present consulting services to actual clients and prepare solutions to case studies.

Who Should Attend

Quality Managers and Executives              

Lawyers, CPAs, Engineers             


Professional Consultants

Benefits of Attending

Those who complete this professional development program will earn certification and learn cutting edge strategies in analysis and implementation of solutions for clients worldwide.

This course objectives are to:

Introduce students to contemporary concepts and philosophies of quality and its assurance;

Educate students with the statistical tools and international standards commonly adopted in the quality assurance process;

Educate students with quality management principles and practices.

Contents The course covers the following topics:

Introduction to quality management

Quality tools and techniques

Statistical process control and acceptance sampling

Quality management systems and awards

Total quality management TQM

Topic Coverage

Quality Planning

The process of identifying which quality assurance standards are relevant to projects and determining how to satisfy them.

Input includes: Quality policy, scope statement, product description, standards and regulations, and other process Output.

Methods used: benefit / cost analysis, benchmarking, flowcharting, and design of experiments

Output includes: Quality Management Plan, operational definitions, checklists, and Input to other processes.

Quality Control

The control process of monitoring specific project results to determine if the outcomes comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance.

Input includes: work results, Quality Management Plan, operational definitions, and checklists.

Methods include: inspection, control charts, pareto diagrams, statistical sampling, flowcharting, and trend analysis.

Output includes: quality improvements, acceptance decisions, rework, completed checklists, and process adjustments.

Quality Assurance

The process of evaluating overall project performance on a regular basis to provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards.

Input includes: Quality Management Plan, results of quality control measurements, and operational definitions.

Methods used: quality planning tools and techniques and quality audits.

Output includes: quality improvement.



  • HSP Academy Training Center (Dengan peserta maksimal 15 orang)
  • Hotel POP BSD, Grand Zuri BSD atau Fame Hotel Gading Serpong (Dengan peserta diatas 15 orang)


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