Continuing Education


How to Stay Certified?

Annually, each AAPM charter holder and board certification holder should complete 15 hours or more of continuing education CE credits. Contained below is a list of education that counts toward CE credits with the AAPM. 15 hours would be equivalent to a 2 day seminar or conference event. Members receive 1 point or credit for 1 equivalent hour of recognized training.

Members may complete one of the below or a combination to fulfill their annual requirements:

– The AAPM Approved Annual Congress counts for full CE Credit. This is a Full 2 day event that counts for 15 hours.

– Attendance of 15 or more hours of approved education for PMs. (2 days of training)

– 15 Hours of continuing executive education from an AACSB or ACBSP accredited business school (i.e. or one full – graduate course would count)

– Attend of our Global Economic and Project Management Summit or similar events, or

– Attend a recognized training program conducted by Approved Provide